S is a greatest book on Batch file programming and cmd command, it include Best ethical hacking tricks ebook and pdf by Ankit Fadia Untold. ANKIT FADIA THE INDIAN I’m upload this Ebook only for at the end of name. bat must be compulsory is a batch file this. Official Website of Bestselling Author Ankit Fadia, author of the books FASTER Ways To Improve Your Digital Life, SOCIAL 50 Ways To Improve Your.

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Learn more about the events. Learn Online from Anywhere.

Download Batch file programming -By Premkumar.S | Black Hack:

His examples, his life story and incidents made the session very interesting and mind blowing. Post your Doubts on Online Forum. The Interactive sessions with Mr. Useful for all especially for IT background. Correspondingly, there is a growing demand for IS professionals — this research pegs the current demand for IS professionals at over 18, in India and over 60, worldwide.

Head of Department and Vice Chancellor sir said that they have never seen this type of workshop in their 34 yrs. The crowd immensely appreciated the way the technical details were explained.

Basic Batch File Programming

Ankit Fadia, someone they could relate to, and understand without the usual monotony that technical seminars tend to include. The flow of the presentation was extremely good,and the humour used by Mr Fadia kept the crowd engaged. Close Looks like you already have an account with this ID. Fadia also helped users to closely understand the various aspects of Ethical Hacking. He tadia networking concepts with such ease that everyone starts to take interest in computer networks.


Ankit Fadia on ethical hacking and security on 10th of March, at Haldia Institute of Technology was a fantastic event. The students seemed very enthusiastic throughout the session, they were intrigued to know all about Hacking and their curiosity was flawlessly answered by Mr.

The event was very well received by the crowd and proved to be a stepping stone for more such endeavors to come. The show stealer was the live hacking of accounts ,that left the students completely amazed Looking forward for Ethical Hacking 2.

Widely recognized as a computer security expert, he has published 16 books, delivered faia than talks in 25 countries, received several awards and trained more than 20, people in India and China.

Looks like you already have an account with this ID. But if there were more live hacking demonstrations then the workshop would have been far better. Not sure which course to take? Ankit Programmig was the most exciting guest speaker we had during our Education Year.

Also some people did not even go to have their lunch fearing that they would miss their programing. We had people coming in from various parts of India for the workshop. The workshop was very beneficial for the participants and the communication skills of Mr. Designed by Two Signs. Ankit Fadia Official Page. The students, as we watched on, were clinging onto his every word.


Yes, you learn Hacking while listening to him, but what you also get alongside, is an insight into the working of a Genius. Programmint workshop was very useful and covered all the topics as per the given plan. We feel immense pleasure to start our club activities with a huge feedback proramming appreciation and acknowledgement – Rtr. Ankit Fadia is a role model for all youngsters out there.

He is one of the best tech brain in India and his workshop justifies to it. That itself speaks of the magnitude of success it was. Sir had a well organized time table for the day and he executed it with meticulous perfection.

Ankit Fadia

Fadia, in spite of the technical subject at hand. You can try logging in. Not only the audience but the whole Sakal team was completely spell bound during the talk. All the trainer presentation skills, knowledge on the topics, subject matter expertise and ability to respond to queries was excellent.

Auto fill with linkedin. No doubt Ankit’s Seminar was the spotlight of aBaCUS having more than registrations online whereas the total online registration was around All the abkit of the course have got bahch benefited from your presentation and graded it 4.