A barrel reclaimer has a drum member with axially extending series of openings provided with buckets for taking material from a stockpile. Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers. High-performance and robust systems are needed for the high performance handling and blending of. Barrel Reclaimer for Base mix. TRF’s Barrel Reclaimers are operation at major steel plants in India. The reclaim capacity of TRF Barrel Reclaimer is. TPH.

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Apparatus for removing bulk material from a dump. Because it is supported only at its ends, the drum of a barrel reclaimer is subject to beam loading and as it rotates the structure of the drum is therefore subjected to cyclic fluctuating loads. A SumoBrain Solutions Company.

When installing two bucket-wheel trolleys, the trolleys can be mechanically linked so that they both share a common trolley drive system. Bucket-wheel loader for bulk material piles. Our drum reclaimers are fully automated and thus work in the absence of an operator through a variety of sensors and are controlled and monitored from a central control room. The frame F is provided with wheeled bogies B, also in a conventional manner, to drive the reclaimer along a stockpile.

It is of course possible to provide single-sided buckets if the reckaimer is to operate in only one direction of rotation. Surprisingly, it is found that the provision of the auxiliary openings can improve performance in this respect and provide a considerable increase in the fatigue life of a barrel reclaimer drum.

Two reclaimers of the same type are working on the same rail track.

A drum geclaimer according to claim 1, wherein the or each tapered auxiliary opening has a narrower end with a width which is not substantially more than half the width of the openings of the associated series of openings. It also appears that the arrangement of each series of bucket openings as an unbroken row assists this effect further. A drawback with this design however is the increased number of pivot joints. In this manner, power transmission between bucket-wheel trolley and bridge is enhanced which has a positive effect on machine life.

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With the arrangement illustrated, at some axial stations there will be a non-uniform angular spacing of the bucket openings but this does not have any significant effect on the performance of the equipment because it is unnecessary for the reclaimer to operate with drum buckets penetrating so deeply into the stockpile that they create thereby major variations of loading on the individual buckets.

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This barrel is fitted with a large number of reclaiming buckets arranged along its bartel and around it circumference, which pick up the material that has been fed to the base of the pile by means of a harrow which traverses across the pile face.

Thus, the five central circumferential rows have six openings at equal angular intervals and the number of openings in each row then decreases towards the drum ends, reclaime being only one opening at each end circumferential position.

In these, the reclamier drive is reversible and buckets are oriented to suit either direction of rotation. Bridge type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer in Russia. This non-uniform distribution of the buckets reflects the fact that the stockpile will be heaped towards the centre, so that a greater proportion of the material being reclaimed must be picked up by the central portion of the drum as compared with its end portions.


Next Patent Apparatus and method Robust design and construction Minimum working parts Main drives comprise long travel, harrow, barrel rotation and conveyor Speed variables Special design to handle sticky material Automatic operation, if required. The length of the auxiliary opening 30 need be no greater than that barrek the bucket openings 8 and it is a little smaller than the length of the opening 8 in the illustrated example.

In applications where reclaiming in two different directions is required, machines are equipped with two rakes, one on each side, which are activated automatically according to the rotational direction of the drum. Low maintenance due to minimum working parts Durable and dependable Maximum possible reclamier of material properties and particle size distribution in the resultant blend Better blending.

Material collected in the buckets is discharged in a layered stream onto a belt conveyor contained within the barrel, and is then delivered to a downstream conveyor running alongside the stockpile. A semi-automatic control system eases the work for the operator. TAKRAF bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimers are primarily employed in applications where bulk material is to be homogenized with high required material flow rates. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.


barrel The buckets continuously remove thin layers of material from the entire cross-section of the stockpile and discharge this onto a belt conveyor located within the drum. This reclaimer is of pantograph type and uses a cell less bucket wheel. A drum member according to claim 1 wherein said opposed sides of the or each auxiliary opening are mutually inclined within a range having one limit at which straight-line projections of the opposed sides are substantially tangential abrrel the adjacent end opening of the associated series of openings, and an opposite limit at which an adjacent end opening of the associated series of openings has opposed sides from which rec,aimer projections extend substantially tangentially to the nearer ends of said opposed sides of the auxiliary opening.

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It is also preferred to provide the or each auxiliary opening with a rounded end remote from its associated series of openings and to have the width of said auxiliary opening immediately preceding said rounded end not substantially more than half the width of the openings of the associated series of openings. We boast a comprehensive reference list across all reclaimer types used in a variety of different applications.

Metso in your language. Despite taking such known measures such as the rounding of the corners of the openings, this problem remains a critical feature of the design of barrel reclaimer drums and there has been no satisfactory solution to bareel.

A drum member according to claim 1, wherein the or each auxiliary opening has a rounded end remote from its associated series of openings.

United States Patent Our machines are all specifically designed to our client’s requirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application – our machines can be designed for rcelaimer or two working directions. In addition to the bucket openings 8 themselves, the drum has auxiliary openings 30 at the ends of each series of bucket openings where these series do not extend to the end of the drum.

Alternatively, the machine may be equipped with slewing bogies to permit transverse travel on rails laid at ground level.