The Authoritarians [Bob Altemeyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Authoritarians summarizes the research of Dr. Robert Altemeyer. Click here to order a printed, bound copy of The Authoritarians from for $ plus shipping. Bob Altemeyer has a new book out, Sex and Youth $ Robert Anthony “Bob” Altemeyer (born 6 June ) is a retired Professor of Psychology at the University of Manitoba. He produced the test and scale for ” RWA” or right-wing authoritarianism.

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He describes some nice experiments with multi-player role playing games, where Double Highs do indeed rush to seize power in exactly the way his theory predicts, often using underhand methods. I’m still not sure having an explanation for altemwyer is ultimately going to make me feel any better or make my brain less likely to explode while engaged in these conversations, though.

Bob Altemeyer – Wikipedia

Quotes from The Authoritarians. Start here and find the start of answers. Mar 07, Cristian Iorga rated it it was amazing Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

A psychologist shares the results of his psychological studies examining the specific personality trait authpritarians authoritarianism.

Altemeyer chronicles the ways that followers compartmentalize their altsmeyer to avoid the obvious flaws in their reasoning. I suppose that if you put together a personality test altemeye picks out jerks, it’s not surprising that the people it picks out are jerks. This work is grounded in science as much as possible, and in the process we learn thhe great deal about how social scientists quantify and define altejeyer factors.

Say what you will about the sweet miracle of unquestioning faith, I consider a capacity for it terrifying and absolutely vile. But searching his references and reading some of the actual research show that, whatever else you may think, this is not sloppy science.


He created a scale, essentially a questionnaire, that sorts people into a high or low tendency towards or against authoritarianism. Mar 01, Liaan Booysen rated it it was amazing. Conservatives Without Conscience by John W. The list comprises a series of behaviors that have been strongly correlated through decades of peer reviewed psychological studies. The book it’s well written and draws from many other studies. I find his research and conclusions to be highly explanatory of that which previously befuddled me.

Far be it for me to say that merely because something is a belligerent ranting diatribe, it doesn’t have merit. Nothing to do with the research you have done, the academic studies you have immersed yourself in. Feb 26, Ryan rated it it was amazing.

Altemeyer on Trump’s Supporters | John Dean | Verdict | Legal Analysis and Commentary from Justia

We are authoritagians quibbling about what makes us feel cozy with what we are doing. To ask other readers questions about The Authoritariansplease sign up.

Second, the major news outlets in the s were the three TV networks. He even says at one point that a Stalinist would obviously be a left-wing authoritarian, but since they would have the same personality type as the other RWAs they all fit under the same banner. The book is fascinating, highly entertaining and explains so much about what is wrong in the US.

This is an interesting little study about a personality type, and its possible political implications. I have been studying and attempting to understand the evangelical mindset for a long time. Authoritarians do remain altemeyeer minority, but with non-voters and anti-Hillary Clinton voters, Trump pulled off a historic upset. These seemingly incongruous testing results—testing high as both followers and leaders—have been explained as the social dominators envisioning the type of follower they want as leaders, or their willingness to be good followers until they get their chance to become leaders.


The Debt Ceiling Debacle of last year is a good example. So it’s not like anyone is alttemeyer free of any of this. Of course, actually attempting to measure prevalence of this behavior empirically tends to be a bit dangerous.

So, the question I have is, why is it that the world is not now groaning under the yoke of a tyrannical despot, dystopia-never-ending? Unless, of course, you’re authoritarian and you don’t really believe in democracy. For our next session Retrieved from ” https: Of course, Altemeyer was preaching to the converted on this point. It seems to me this is a case in point. Instead they put it in a box and isolate it from the rest of their thinking, which proceeds as if the truth never existed.

Religious fundamentalism correlates highly with authoritarianism – but its chicken-and-egg.

Bob Altemeyer

Now, I can quite see that abortion will continue to be as well as a necessity, a convenience in our society, irrespective of how one defines these foetuses. A random set of notes on this book, in descending date order. The Milgram experiments or the Stanford prison study.