There are three different types of genetic mutations in the Cockatiel. These are Sex-Linked, Recessive, and Dominant. The Sex-linked mutations are Pearl. Explore Jagadish Jay’s board “Cockatiels and its mutations” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Birds, Cockatiel and Beautiful birds. Different mutations of cockatiels | See more ideas about Parrots, Beautiful birds and Parakeets.

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OK, so that’s the colors covered, by now you might have an idea of what color your tiel is. This applies to cockatiels as well. The eyes are red.

It may have been in Europe or in America. The olive cockatiels have a scalloped pattern in their feathers, with the outer edges of each feather being darker than the centers, making each feather seem outlined in a faint scalloped design.

The male and female, as well as the immature tiel all have the same coloration and markings. Scroll down for information on the many cockatiel mutations cockatidl have been developed in aviaries. Later on white-faces, silvers and albinos have stirred up excitement in cockatiwl.

Pearl is another common pattern. Those hens mutwtions lace that is a darker yellow are known as golden pearls, and those with white lace as silver pearls. Good pi eds are considered by aviculrurists as birds that are mostly clear feathers which do not contain any melanin in the wings, rail, head and chest.


So you hear about these different colors and patterns, but how do you tell them apart, and more importantly, what type is YOUR bird!?

When a Fallow is crossed with a Cinnamon the Cinnamon will mask the Fallow color of the offspring. I’ve been told and read you can tell when a cockatiel is split to white face because the area around the cheek patch the cockatidl dots will be whiter than one who is not – I’ve tested this theory several times and as of today I can say in my birds case it is not true at all.

Cockatiel Mutations | Beauty of Birds

Their eyes are red. After the first molt the male obtains a white-face.

They are commonly referred to as “albinos” as they are all white with red eyes. Female Cinnamon cockatiels retain their dull orange cheek patches. The color can range from a pale cream with a beige wash to a bright yellow bird. The “term” pearly refers to the lacings or pearl spots of yellow or white on the backs, nape, and wings.

It is easy to sex except for mutationw pied and when tame makes a very enchanting per. It occurred in the early 70’s. The cinnamon runs from a light phase to a dark phase.

Cinnamon Muting of all hues. The mature male will have a bright face and plain tail, the immature bird and the mature female will have the dull faces and barred tails. Cinnamon is one of the most common colors apart from normal grey. Pied is the only mutation that you can visually tell when a bird is split to it. Mutatuons is where the orange cheek spot of the tiel is diluted to a clear dark yellow color, making the whole head yellow. This mutation needs a lot of work before it becomes established.

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The next generation of this pairing would produce albinos of both sexes at the ratio of cockatiell to eight.

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Give Us a Link If you found mutagions site to be useful, please link our website to yours. The Yellow-faced, Yellow-cheeked, Dominant Silver and Dominant Pastel-face are new mutations which are not addressed in this document. The tail feathers have a white or yellow barring on the underside. When in doubt of the mutation always test breed.

Also calling a Pearl cockatiel “unique” is misleading and most do it so they can raise the price of the bird, Or they just don’t know anything about mutations. Abstract by Dale R. Hens and juveniles have yellow barring on the tail.