Elektricna merenja shared a link. 17 March ·. Električna šema Frižidera – princip rada rashladnih uređaja. Drugi deo animacije za maturski. View Bogdan Bogdanovic’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Bogdan has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on . Električna merenja (13EEM) – Električna merenja – završni praktičan rad u laboratoriji – raspored termina · Električna merenja (13EEM) – Električna.

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KELM – Fakultet tehničkih nauka Novi Sad

The flow or flux of one Coulomb of electrons throw circle or elektricha loop, with circular velocity f o is namedby definition, derived unit for revolution electric current – Ampere revolution Ampere thread. Elektricna merenja – V. Length of distance, radius, circumference and cycle.

Special base SI units. Some of units are independent from new special Si units as velocity and energy.

The metre, m, is unit epektricna lenght; its magnitude is set by fixing the numerical value of the ground state hyperfine splitting frequency of the caesium atom, to be equal to product of number 3. For distances R larger than the radius of the Hubble sphere rHS objects recede at a rate faster than the speed of light???

SI units redefinition Home Sitemap. Globe – as ball at all. There are seven principal SI base units in each of merejja different categories. The Coulomb, C, unit of elementary electric charge; its magnitude is set by fixing the numerical value of the number to be equal to product of number of 6.


It’s well known that throw dimensional equitation can not discover hidden physical nature laws and gave as something new, because they are only as result of our human arbitrary conventions. The ampere, A, is the unit of electric current; its magnitude is set by fixing the numerical value of the elementary charge to be equal to exactly 1.

Metode i instrumentacija za električna merenja | Zenodo

The present International System of units SI is not finished job. Because of that it was hard to see the existing problem with units. The next formula follow the definition for second, as base unit: The kilogram, m, unit of mass; its magnitude is set by fixing the numerical value of the number to be equal to product of number of 1.

Kelvin, unit of temperature – same as draft elektrucna 2, with special unit particle [par] and without [J].

Metode i instrumentacija za električna merenja

When this unit is used in dimensional analysis than the unit name “object or particle” can be replaced with real name of the object or the particle.

This set of derived units and constants must be part of this proposal for base SI units revision. The product of electron mass and number But now with new proposed special base units this dilemma shall be solved and they are only derived units and used elektrcna for angle calculations not for velocity and similar equations, connected with them.

These units connect spherical and flat spacemacro and elektricha cosmos and also curved and fractal space. De Broglie has made such proposal with his wave theory, which claim that number of cycles in revolution path of the electron must be integer. Because of their importance at first they are named as supplementary unitsbut later they are named as derived units.


Jovanovic, Naucna knjiga Beograd, Ampere is not unique unit, because depend of special units for velocity, and because of that also can’t be basic unit? Also the proposal for new unit with name object or particle par or elektrocnafor any objects as planets and stars or any known particles as photon, electron, proton, molecule and so on, is very useful. Solving some of the most usual problems in Physics with new units: Fizikalne velicine i mjerne edinice SI – Dipl.

There are also next derived eleitricna, by definition, using special units, with base units metre. All special base units are very useful. Cycle or Period – natural phenomena which repeat cyclic or periodical, with magnitude and time duration.

Sphere – as ball surface. These new proposed base SI units definitions will enable determination of all known rest derived units and constants.

Suggestions for improving the new proposal for base SI units revision Aco Z. Particle or object – any particle or object which can be count, with same characteristic. This was made with formulas and descriptive method not whit units.