LEGO set database: Shuttle Launching Crew. Find great deals for Vintage Lego Shuttle Launching Crew Complete With Instructions. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO Town Flight Shuttle Launching Crew (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I remember this set was one of my first City ones and I became crazy with all those vehicles! This set is great!

LEGO Town Flight Shuttle Launching Crew () | eBay

Posted February 3, edited. Works great as a pick up escort and looks great to drive around! Edited November 3, by Rick. No of Minifigs if anyFive baby!!

As a child it also inspired me legp build my own very huge space shuttle that could fit this little shuttle in its cargo bay. I guess it was the set’s imposing looks and parade-ish presentation that made it as awesome as I remember it.

Onto the review, hope you guys enjoy!!

Posted February 1, edited. A nice review of a very nice set! I got mine at a good price on Ebay for pieces! Sammy Oh Hope you guys like it!


As per any long axle and broad trailer, bikers are important Cool Bikes! Lfgo this post Link to post Share on other sites. My favorite part of this set is the truck and trailor, and the car and cycles. Can you share pictures of the front and back of the box? See the similarity to Police Surveille Truck?

I would LOVE to have that truck. Though i love the new bikes, the classic ones are really cool too, and here you get two of them!! The Escorts bikes are up first. A very fine review, legofan.

How do you rate this set? Thanks for sharing this review of yours with our vibe community. The shuttle itself looks kind of crappy compared to the newer Launch Command one though, or even the one in the set from the same time. I have never seen this set before until I have saw this review of yours, and I must admit that I enjoyed viewing and reading the entire review process. The completed Set all together! That appears in numerous sets actually and is quite a useful piece. Correct me if i’m wrong though.

They look nice when compared with the older 4studs cars, but when placed beside the newer sets, they are drawfed by them Posted February 3, Your name as the reviewer. Unfortunately I don’t have any of them. Very classic building here, very very similar to Indy Car Carrier and Police Surveille truck.


Shuttle Launching Crew | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

Thank you guys so much for all the commends! The truck and other vehicles are great. I don’t think I ever have disassembled it, at least not the shuttle itself.

I’ve added a poll so other members can vote on this terrific Classic Town Space Shuttle set. Like the design, as others even I think the shuttle in the Launch Command sub-theme from look better and more realistic, like and The chassis of the truck.

LEGO Shuttle Launching Crew Set 6346 Instructions

It’s too short in length and the proportions of the wings and engines somehow don’t look right. Posted February 2, Still want it after reading this review, though not as badly. Yap, i love the older trucks too